Rare Cottage Bedroom Set by Hart Ware & Co., Philadelphia Featured

  • Circa: 1860-1870
  • Stock #: X183
  • Measurements: See Discription
  • Price: $4250.00

This rare painted Victorian bedroom set is attributed to the prestigious Hart Ware & Company, Philadelphia, PA. Painted bedroom sets were extremely popular in the Victorian era and are generally referred to as cottage furniture. This set is exceptional for several reasons: the use of a black background color; the use of angels and a scene rather than the typical flowers; and its tremendous quality and condition. The 2 piece set comprises a double bed and matching dresser. The bed measures 81” tall, 60” wide and 80” deep. The dresser measures 84” tall, 53” wide and 20.5” deep. The headboard displays a scene of 2 angels surrounding an opened bible displaying the verse title Matthew, Chapter V. The hand painted angels are expertly executed and the gold accent is delicately applied. Notice the cherubs below the dramatically carved crest. The bed retains its boldly turned finials. The arched and curved footboard has 2 cherubs above a recessed panel having a basket of fruit and 2 more winged cherubs. Even the ornate side rails are expertly decorated. The bed will accommodate a standard double or full mattress and box springs. The dresser retains its original marble. Two of the marble tablets have some small areas of staining. One marble table has 3 half inch chips around its edge. The mirror crest duplicates the bed. There are 2 half round candle shelves on the side of the mirror. Notice the winged cherubs below the shelves. There are 4 small drawers over 2 long drawers. All the hand dovetailed drawers retain their original locks. One of the ebonized tear drop pulls is a period replacement. Check out the cherubs on the 2 lower drawers. Look closely and you will see some painting loss in the center of these 2 drawers. The loss is only noticeable upon very close examination. This does not detract from its drama and beauty. Even the sides of the bed and dresser are highly decorated with gold paint. The dresser rests on its original casters. The original painted surface on this set is in amazing original condition. What a treat to own such a unique and dramatic set!

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