Early Painted Mule, Blanket Chest Featured

  • Circa: 1780's
  • Stock #: Y41
  • Measurements: 31"h X 44"w X 18"d
  • Price: $445.00

This early painted pine blanket chest is also referred to as a mule chest. The single wide board lift lid top has its original iron cotter pin hinges. Over time, the wood around these hinges was worn and later steel hinges were added. The blanket chest retains parts of its original lock. The front of the chest is deceiving. The first two drawers are fake and represent the depth of the blanket box. The third drawer is an actual one. Notice the black painted molding for accent. The brass pulls are a later appropriate replacement. Notice the solid plank sides with cut out feet. Amazingly, the blanket chest retains its original red wash paint. The chest is in excellent condition and a wonderful example of early Americana.

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