Pair Walnut Twin Poster Beds

  • Circa: 1910
  • Stock #: Z159
  • Measurements: 57"h X 40"w X 78"d
  • Price: $585.00

This pair of solid walnut twin or single beds is of exceptional quality. The reeded posts have a lovely carved finial and the carved footboards and headboards have acanthus leaf carving as well. The side rails are designed to be bolted to headboard and footboard resulting in extremely sturdy beds. Once set up, they will handle a lot of use and abuse. The beds will accommodate standard twin or single size mattress and box springs by either resting them on top of the side rails or resting on “L” brackets. If in doubt how to adapt these beds to your mattress, give us a call and we can easily talk you through it. They appear to retain their original finish and are in excellent condition.

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