Rare Victorian Sink by Peerless Reservoir Washstand/Desk

  • Circa: 1870's
  • Stock #: Z205
  • Measurements: 44"h X 30"w X 21"d
  • Price: $1275.00

This amazing sink is a rare example of the development of indoor plumbing in the Victorian era. It could possibly been found in a prestigious home or hotel. The solid cherry cabinet initially appears to be a writing desk, but is actually a free standing sink. The cabinet was most likely made by Hale & Kilburn of Philadelphia, PA. Its elegantly carved crest is hinged and when tilted forward, reveals a zinc lined water reservoir. The slanted velvet covered writing surface lifts up to reveal a marble sink top and its original porcelain bowl. There is a nickel plated knob that pushes up and down to release the water into the bowl. It even comes with its original chain and stopper. The cabinet base has 2 small dovetailed drawers below with their original cast brass pulls. There is a carved panel betwee3n the drawers and the same design is repeated on the recessed paneled door fronts below. The doors retain their original brass key escutcheon and lock. Inside is a newer plastic hose that attaches to the sink bowl above. It was originally designed to empty or drain into a container located inside the doors and was emptied when filled. There is an original stenciling on the back of the cabinet which reads Peerless Reservoir Washstand with 2 patent dates of April 9, 1878 and March 22, 1864. What a fabulous example of the transition in history from using the pitcher and bowl for cleaning up to our present day standard indoor plumbing. Imagine how modern this was in its day. The sink/washstand is all original and is in excellent condition.

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