Victorian Walnut Lock-side Chest of Drawers

  • Circa: 1870's
  • Stock #: ZZ029
  • Measurements: 58"h X 41"w X 23"d
  • Price: $1350.00

This solid walnut Victorian tall chest of drawers is called a lockside. It has a very uncommon and unique feature. Traditionally, each drawer had their own lock. Locksides have a single lock located along the right side corner of the dresser. The lock is hinged to a moulding which catches the edge of all the drawers and allows the user to lock them all at once. How cool is that? Even more amazing is that it retains its original working lock and a key! We attribute the chest to the cabinet maker, George Henkel of Philadelphia. The distinctly carved wooden pulls are associated with his fine furniture. The tall chest has 6 hand dovetailed drawers which graduate in size. All the drawers have burled walnut fronts with oval “racetrack” molding. If you look closely, you will see that the fourth drawer down, the carved pull on the right has some wood loss along the bottom. This does not affect its function and is hardly noticeable. All the drawers operate smoothly. Notice the carvings along the top corner of the chest. The pierced carvings display acanthus leaves adorned with carved clusters of flowers. The dresser has recessed paneled ends. The finish appears original and is in excellent condition having a desirable color and patina.

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