Aesthetic Victorian Bed with Canopy or Tester

  • Circa: 1870's
  • Stock #: N146
  • Measurements: 109"h X 67"w X 83"d
  • Price: $11,700.00

Check this out! We have never seen or owned a Victorian, aesthetic style, tester bed – and this one is a beauty! Its quality, style and designs are indicative of Herter Brothers of NYC. The bed is made of solid mahogany and cherry and comes apart in 12 separate pieces. The dominant features are the carved birds on the headboard and footboard. We are unsure if they are herons or storks or cranes, you decide. The headboard has an impressively carved round plaque, which measures 15.5″ in diameter. The bird is in flight and exquisitely carved. There is a tip of one wing missing. We can make arrangements to have the wing carved and restored. There are intricately pierced carved leaf designs above the plaque and on either side. Notice the band of boldly carved stylized flowers below the plaque and a similar pattern repeated across the three panels on the headboard. There are very tiny tack holes indicating that possibly a brass design or carving was attached to the 3 headboard panels and the 2 footboard panels. They are hardly missed and not noticeable. On the footboard, the central panel shows another bird resting among the cattails. The attention to detail is impressive. The central panel has an old age crack off to one side, which does not affect the bed structurally and is of little consequence. Notice the ornate posts holding the tester or canopy frame. The leaf design found on the headboard and footboard is repeated on the posts. In addition, there is an incised carved scrolling vine with morning glories covering the posts as well. The caps of the posts are also highly carved. The tester or canopy is extremely ornate, which is not generally the case with such beds. The tops of the tester have pierced carvings and additional leaf carvings. There are 4 large turned finials at the top. Check out the tall side rails. Bold carvings and unusual detailing contribute to the bed’s overall grandness. The bed retains its original finish, which is in excellent condition. There are some wood chips on the posts but nothing significant or distracting. The bed is extremely stout and sturdy. The bed measures 9′ 1″ tall. The canopy can be professionally and sensitively lowered to under 8 or 9 feet. The bed will accommodate a standard double or full mattress and box springs. This bed is a treat for the eyes!

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