German Cuckoo Clock with Music Box Featured

  • Circa: 1950's
  • Stock #: X87
  • Measurements: 33"h X 23"w X 10"d
  • Price: $1275.00

This German made cuckoo clock is from the Cuckoo Clock Mfg. Co. Notice its extraordinary size and carving details. The pierce carved crest has twigs and leaves encircling a central shield. The hanging rabbit or hare and bird measure 16” tall. Notice the attention to detail such as the fur on the rabbit and the feathers on the bird. The life like eyes are made of glass. There is a carved hunting horn encircling the clock face with a hanging tassel and life like leaves resting above. Below hangs a carved hunting pouch complete with a leather looking strap and 2 small hanging birds. Additional carved twigs and leaves surround the wooden pouch. Notice the small double wooden doors. One side automatically opens and a small cuckoo bird sings its song on every hour and half hour. When the cuckoo is done, the other door opens up to reveal a little German man while a music box tune also plays each hour and half hour. The clock comes with its 3 pinecone shaped iron weights. The original pendulum is located behind the carved hunting pouch. The clock is in excellent working condition having its original 30 hour movement. The carved figures, case and finish are also in excellent condition.

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