Large French Marble Clock with Bronze Figure Featured

  • Circa: 1850-1860's
  • Stock #: X93
  • Measurements: 24"h X 18"w X 9.5"d
  • Price: $2150.00

This fabulous French marble and bronze clock is made by C. Detouche, (Constantine-Louis Detouche, 1810-1889). His clock making skills won many awards throughout France and Europe. He was also respected as an inventor and secured numerous patents. The size and scale of this clock is impressive. The bronze figure of the child reclining and feeding a rabbit measures 11” tall by 16” wide. Notice the exquisite detailing in the casting such as the ferns, leaves, child’s face and feet, etc. The classical looking clock case is comprised of 3 types of marble; solid black, green and a black and white. If you look very closely, you will see some slight loss on the top of the right capitol. This is not offensive or a distraction. The clock has a brass bezel and dramatic black marble face inlaid with green marble. The numerals and hands are brass. There is a tight crack between the numbers 8 and 7. This is only visible upon extremely close inspection. The clock retains its original 8 day movement which requires winding once a week. The clock strikes a bell every hour and half hour and is in excellent working condition. The clock comes with its key and pendulum. What a statement this will make in any home or office.

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