Bronze Champleve Floor Lamp

  • Circa: 1880-1900
  • Stock #: V237
  • Measurements: 66"-78"h X 13"w X 13"d
  • Price: $1250.00

This dramatic bronze floor lamp is decorated using the Champleve’ technique of hand enameling. This lamp is more impressive than most. Look closely and you will see 3 series of 3 panels with highly detailed raised, cast designs. The top oval panels display 3 creatures; a dragon, crane or stork and a turtle. The second series have square panels of figures in action and the bottom 3 large crest shaped panels are of exterior landscape scenes. The use of colored enamels within the intricate designs is spectacular. The lamp was originally kerosene or oil and was later converted to electric. There are 3 working sockets, each having a separate pull chain. The lamp measures 66” to the top of the sockets. There is a central adjustable rod or shade holder with a brass finial. The lamp measures 78” to the top of the finial. The lamp has a fringed linen shade which has an inch long wear or split. The wiring is serviceable. The bronze frame and enameling is in excellent condition. Due to its weight and large base, the lamp is extremely stable. What a statement this will make in any home!

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