Tall Case Grandfather Clock by Elliott

  • Circa: 1900
  • Stock #: Y75
  • Measurements: 90"h X 28"w X 19"d
  • Price: $3750.00

This grand solid mahogany grandfather clock case has its original Elliott clock movement and tubes. The prestigious J.J. Elliott Clock Company was located in London, England. Their clock works were highly prized and were shipped here to be placed in American made cases. The domed shaped top has a prominent cornice and a dome shaped single door. On either side are two large, fully turned columns. The beveled glass door retains its original working lock and key, and heavy cast brass hinges. The case rests on simple rolled feet. Notice the beveled glass side panels. The fancy gilded brass face has a silvered dial with cast brass numerals. The face is signed Elliott, London, England. There is a sweep second hand dial as well. On the top left is a dial that allows you to silence the chimes or not. On the right is another dial that allows you to select one of 3 different tunes the clock will play and chime: Westminster, Wittington or St. Michael. The more tunes that can be played, the more complicated and sophisticated the mechanisms are. There is also a moon dial at the top which can be set to indicate the phases of the moon throughout each month. The clock has 9 nickel plated brass tubes which provide the tune. Elliott tubes are considered the best and have a rich, beautiful lasting ring. The clock plays a partial stanza ever quarter hour resulting in a full stanza playing at each hour. The clock strikes the time every full hour as well. The clock comes with its original brass pendulum and 3 brass weights. The clock is in excellent running condition and has been cleaned and oiled. The case retains its original finish which is also in excellent condition. What a superior quality clock to grace your home or office.

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