Pair of Wanamaker Banquet Lamps by Fostoria with Double Wicks

  • Circa: 1910
  • Stock #: 736b
  • Measurements: 29"h X 8"w X 8"d
  • Price: $785.00

This rare pair of banquet lamps by the Fostoria company and was retailed by the prestigious John Wanamaker department store. The heavy clear glass bases and fonts are catalogued as the #17 and each comes assembled in 3 sections. Each is in excellent condition. The double wick burners have the name John Wanamaker stamped on the knobs which raise and lower the wicks to adjust the amount of light. Having a double wick burner definitely increases the amount of light the lamp can project. When it came time to extinguish the lamp you simply flipped the lever on the burner and the wicks were snuffed out. These lamps have not been altered and can be easily used to burn kerosene or lamp oil as they were originally intended. They can also be easily converted to electric and we can arrange to do so for a small additional cost. Each lamp has a replaced 8” diameter, milk glass, ball shade and clear glass chimney. The height to the top of the ball shade is 27”. What a treat to find a matching pair of such quality and in remarkable condition.

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