18th Century Repousse Silver Candlabras

  • Circa: 1780-1830's
  • Stock #: Z48
  • Measurements: 22"h X 14"w X 14"d
  • Price: $1585.00

This rare pair of German candelabras or candelabrum is from the late 1700’s to early 1800’s. They are constructed of hollow repousse Rococo .750 silver which represents 750 parts pure silver out of 1000 which was Europeans standard at that time. There is an assayer mark of 12 which is indicative of the .750 silver content. There are numerous other touch marks including the Loraine Cross. The candelabrum was designed to be disassembled and used as a pair of large candlesticks. The height of the candlesticks alone is 13”. Notice the intricate floral repousse detail, ribbed body and the overall fluidity in the design. Their condition is remarkable given their age and styling. There is a very minor professional repair to one arm and one candlestick socket. These are only noticeable upon extremely close examination. One of the candle cups is loose and 3 of the drip catchers are loose; none of which affects their service or use. The set is constructed of thick hollow repousse silver with an early pitch reinforcement and weight in the candlesticks’ body which was common in the 18th century. What a treat to find a beautiful pair of early candelabras in such fine condition!

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