Pair Classical Lamps by Moreau

  • Circa: 1900
  • Stock #: Z82
  • Measurements: 29"h X 7.25"w X 7.25"d
  • Price: $1450.00

The pair of bronze lamps is a recast of the works of Mathurin Moreau by the French foundry Gelot. Mathurin Moreau (1820-1912) was from a family of famous sculptors during the 1800’s. Mathurin was known for his classical depiction of women. The 13” tall maidens set atop 7” tall stepped bases of black slate and green marble. The figures are slightly different in dress, hair and poses. Their detail is exquisite. Each are signed Mathurin Moreau 1858, Gelot Editeau. These were most likely, originally, candelabras and later adapted to electric. The cut and blown glass shades appear to be early and have a beautiful frosted floral pattern. The shades appear to have originally been off gas lighting fixtures and would have been used in the 1850’s. The figures and shades are in excellent condition. Look closely and you will see each base has a nick on one corner. This is not offensive and does not detract from their beauty. The lamps are in excellent working condition.

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