Art Deco Globe Lamp with Woman Featured

  • Circa: 1900-1920
  • Stock #: Z135
  • Measurements: 24.25"h X 6"w X 6"d
  • Price: $845.00

This amazing Art Deco lamp has a great presence! The 17” tall bronze looking sculpture depicts a partially nude woman elegantly raising her arms high and looking upwards. Her one leg is poised to leap upward as well. Notice the details in her face, hair and body jewelry which are all beautifully cast. The metal surface has a wonderful Verdi finish and patina. She sets atop a 6” diameter marble glove. Inside is a bulb which makes the globe glow with a warm light and highlights the veining in the marble. The marble rests on a round stepped base having the same Verdi finish and patina. The lamp is very dramatic and is in excellent working condition. What a statement it will make in any home!

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