Victorian Student Lamp with Hinks Burner

  • Circa: 1860-1880's
  • Stock #: Z233
  • Measurements: 25"h X 7.5"w X 9.5"d
  • Price: $425.00

This extremely rare student lamp has many unique features. Originally, an oil or kerosene lamp, it was later electrified. Student lamps were originally designed to be used at a desk and would adjust in height to be able to throw a broader beam of light onto the ready or writing surface. The heavy cast brass frame has a ring holding the original removable cut glass font or oil reservoir. The brass burner is marked Kinks and is a number 2 Duplex burner. The clear glass chimney fits perfectly in the burner. The original, unusually shaped green cased glass lamp shade is supported by a second adjustable height ring holder. This lamp is extremely well made and stable. The shade and frame are in excellent condition. There is a small, tight narrow crack near the collar of the glass font. This is noticeable upon close inspection and does not affect its appeal. The lamp is in excellent working condition and has an on/off inline switch.

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