Austrian Desk Lamp with Inkwells and Rug Merchant

  • Circa: 1920's
  • Stock #: Z219
  • Measurements: 14"h X 13"w X 7.75"d
  • Price: $485.00

This cold painted bronze looking desk lamp is marked Austria. The lamp has cast figures of 2 Middle Eastern dressed rug merchants leading a camel. On either side are inkwells disguised as layers of pillows. In front of the merchants is a recessed area which appears to look like a pool of water but is designed to hold pens or pencils. Notice the detailed castings on the camel with his bridle; the merchant’s decoratively painted clothing and the ornately designed rug. Even the lamp post is designed to resemble the trunk of a palm tree. The finish and paint are all original and in excellent condition. The lids to the inkwells lift up and may have had glass inserts at one time. The lamp has been rewired and has an on/off switch on the socket. The lamp is in excellent working condition. What a unique and exceptional lamp this is!

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