Vienna Regulator Wall Clock by Gustav Becker

  • Circa: 1890's
  • Stock #: Z244
  • Measurements: 39"h X 15"w X 6.5"d
  • Price: $845.00

This Vienna regulator wall hanging clock is by the prestigious German firm, Gustav Becker. The solid walnut case is accented with a finely arched carved crest of berries and leaves. The delicate carvings of trailing vines are repeated along the edge of the clock door. Check out the decorative brass and silvered dial and clock face. The same intricate etched design is repeated on the brass pendulum as well. The clock works, face and pendulum are all original. The eight day movement requires winding once a week. The clock has been cleaned and oiled and is in excellent running condition. The two weight clock strikes every hour and half hour. Look closely on the left side of the case along the top cornice. There is a narrow piece of wood missing along the top edge which measures roughly 4” long by ¼” tall. This is only noticeable upon close inspection and does not detract from its integrity or appeal. The finish is in excellent condition having a rich color and desirable patina.

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