Asheville, Tennis, Victorian Trophy Lamp

  • Circa: 1880's
  • Stock #: Z230
  • Measurements: 26"h X 9"w X 9"d
  • Price: $285.00

This rare tennis trophy is from the Asheville Tennis Club, dated 1884. The University of North Carolina was one of the earliest supporters of tennis and had clubs in Asheville and Pinehurst as far back as the early 1850’s. The marking AVLTC identifies the trophy from the Asheville Tennis Club and also reads “Gentlemen’s Double Handicap”, “Won by C.H. Byers and J. Beale. The trophy was originally a kerosene lamp and was later electrified. Notice the quality lion head castings and highly decorative vase. The red 9” diameter globe is also of excellent and unique quality. When lit, there is a dramatic pattern that reflects on the walls. The deep red coloring is beautiful. The height from the bottom of the lamp to the top of the ball shade is 24 ½”. There is a separate glass chimney inside the shade. The lamp and shade are all in excellent condition. What a curious memento of early lawn tennis history.

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