Double Brass Student Oil Lamp by B&H Featured

  • Circa: 1880's
  • Stock #: Z365
  • Measurements: 22"-28"h X 24"w X 10"d
  • Price: $685.00

This Bradley and Hubbard double student lamp frame is completely all original. The solid brass lamp was never converted to electric and can be presently used as an oil or kerosene lighting fixture as it was originally intended. You will be amazed by its extraordinary condition. Each arm has a font with Duplex burners with double wicks adjusters and a snuffer. The center shaft has a knob which adjusts the height of the lamp by raising the shades up and down. The large oil reservoir is completely intact and working. The frame has a weighted base and is quite heavy. The 10” diameter mild glass shades and clear glass chimneys are appropriate replacements. The lamp retains its aged brass finish. There is a slight crease in the top of the reservoir which does not affect its function or aesthetics. What a treat to own this wonderful working intact B&H double student lamp.

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