Reverse Painted Lamp Featured

  • Circa: 1910-1920's
  • Stock #: ZZ041
  • Measurements: 26"h X 18"w X 18"d
  • Price: $875.00

This classical inspired lamp has a beautiful reverse painted glass shade. The hand painted shade has 6 textured curved glass panels. All have scenes of trees surrounding a stream or pond. Three of the panels show nymphs or scantily clad women dancing during dusk time. The scenes are quite dramatic and surreal. The colors are rich shades of teal, blue, gold and green. The lamp base has a bronze looking patina and an elegant light looking classical design. The base and shade are in excellent condition. There are 2 pull chains for the 2 light sockets. The wiring is in excellent working condition. This lamp will make a statement in any home.

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