Mahogany Grandfather Hall Clock with Westminster Chimes by Colonial

  • Circa: 1920
  • Stock #: ZZ080
  • Measurements: 91"h X 28"w X 17"d
  • Price: $1250.00

This handsome grandfather or tall case clock was made by the Colonial Clock Company of Zeeland, Mich. The solid mahogany case has a strong classical inspired architectural presence. The boldly designed pediment is supported by 2 fully turned Doric columns reaching the full length of the clock. The door has its working lock and key plus heavy glass panes displaying the clock face and the large brass weights and pendulum. The bottom glass is beveled. The brass clock face has a silvered dial with raised brass numerals and decorative hands. Notice the finely decorative floral chased work on the outside and inside of the dial. There is also a sweep seconds hand dial as well. Notice the hand painted moon dial which is designed to rotate and display the phases of the moon as the days and time progress. The clock has its winding key and its original 8 day movement which is in excellent working condition. The clock requires only winding once a week and strikes every hour. In addition, the clock has a beautiful Westminster chime which strikers and progresses ever ¼ hour so that on the full hour it plays a complete tune – lovely! There is a small door on either side of the clock. This allows easy access to the clock movement for repair and adjustment. The clock is all original and in excellent working condition. The finish is also original and in excellent condition having a deep, rich color and desirable patina. What a statement this will make in any home or office.

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