Brass Piano or Floor Lamp by Bradley & Hubbard

  • Circa: 1880's
  • Stock #: ZZ138
  • Measurements: 58"h X 18"w X 18"d
  • Price: $395.00

This solid brass floor lamp was originally oil or kerosene and was later electrified. This style is called a Victorian piano lamp and was used to help light the piano keys and sheet music for the player. The lamp has its clear glass chimney and 10” diameter frosted globe shade. Notice the pale rose color along the top of the globe and the beautiful etched design surrounding the shade. The lamp has an ornate font attached to a beautifully twisted column. A great feature is the 14” diameter brass shelf. Check out the ornately designed base – such clever detail! The lamp is heavy and quite sturdy. The lamp is in excellent working condition with the on/off switch located on the line below the font. The brass frame and globe are also in excellent condition.

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