Hand Painted Victorian "Gone with the Wind" Table Lamp with Dahlias

  • Circa: 1880's
  • Stock #: ZZ125
  • Measurements: 23"h X 10"w X 10"d
  • Price: $445.00

This beautiful hand painted Victorian parlor lamp is in the Gone with the Wind style. It was originally kerosene or oil and later professionally converted to electric. The 10” diameter globe shade and base have a floral painting which looks like dahlias in cream and pale yellow surrounded by green leaves against a band of maroon or wine colored background. The lamp measures 23” tall to the top of the ball shade and 24” tall to the top of the glass chimney. Check out the extremely ornate cast brass font- what a beauty! The lamp rests on a pierced cast brass bass and is in excellent working condition. Another cool feature is that the base was wired to light up as well. What a beauty!

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