Silvered Art Nouveau Slag Glass Table Lamp

  • Circa: 1910-1920
  • Stock #: ZZ118
  • Measurements: 23"h X 19"w X 19"d
  • Price: $525.00

What we love about this unique slag glass table lamp is the original silvered finish and delicate design. It is rare to find one in an original finish, much less a silver one. Generally they have a color to mimic brass or bronze. In addition the original finish on the frame has hints of soft green and pale coral colors. The colors play beautifully with the sweeping floral Art Nouveau design in the frame. The caramel colored curved glass panels are all original and in excellent condition. The lamp has 2 sockets with individual on/off pull chains. The lamp is in excellent working condition. The lamp frame and finish are also in excellent condition.

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