Custom Mantle Keg Clock, BPOE Allentown, Pa

  • Circa: 1900-1910
  • Stock #: N103
  • Measurements: 22"h X 14"w X 8.5"d
  • Price: $1075.00

This wonderfully unique and whimsical mantle clock was originally designed for the Elk's Club in Allentown, PA.  There is a note inside, which refers to Mr. Wilson as steward for the BPOE.  The clock was made by the Waterbury Clock Company and is an eight-day movement, which requires winding only once a week.  The gong strikes the hour and once on the half hour.  The back of the clock case there is a label, which reads W.S.Daub and Son, Manufacturers and Dealers in Furniture, Easton PA.  Most likely, this clock was made specifically for the BPOE or Elks Lodge of Allentown, Pa.  The clock is housed in a wooden case carved to resemble a keg sitting in a stand or wooden cradle.  The clock face is decorated with hand paintings.  Playing cards in the diamond suit are used to indicate the clock hours 1 through 10 o'clock.  The 11th hour is a card with a painted elk and the 12th hour is the queen of diamonds.  The center of the clock face has the king of diamonds and 3 different colored poker chips.  The clock body and face are all original and in excellent condition.  The brass pendulum is of the period, but may be a replacement.  The clock is in excellent working condition.  What a perfect clock for the game or family room!

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