Victorian Dining Table with 5 Leaves

  • Circa: 1870's
  • Stock #: V36
  • Measurements: 29.5"h X 45"w X 45"-143"d
  • Price: $2950.00

This small Victorian dining table expands to a whopping 12’! The solid walnut table has 5 original leaves and will take 3 more. The table as it is now with 5 leaves expands to 8’10”. Each leaf measures 12.25”. The 45” square top has a carved skirt with burled walnut rounded corners. The unique base is a wonderful example of Aesthetic Victorian styling. The base is comprised of 3 separate parts. When leaves are added to the top, the base splits and moves to provide necessary support on the ends. The center leg remains to also provide support to the middle. The result is an extremely sturdy and stout table whether you expand it partly or completely. In addition, the glides underneath slide smoothly for opening and closing the table. The base has a beautiful design with pierced carvings, bold turnings and inlaid panels of burled walnut. The table rests on its original casters. The finish is in excellent condition having a deep, rich color. What a truly handsome dining table.

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