Set of 8 Ladder Back Chairs with Rush Seats Featured

  • Circa: 1960's
  • Stock #: X232
  • Measurements: See Discription
  • Price: $685.00

This set of 8 country style solid maple dining chairs consists of 6 side chairs and 2 armchairs. The armchairs measure 38.5” tall, 23” wide and 18” deep. The side chairs measure 38.5” tall, 17” wide and 16” deep. These are generally referred to as ladder back chairs. Notice how each shapely rung gets bigger as they “go up the ladder”. The chair seats are made of genuine rush and appear to have been hand tied. All the seats are in excellent condition. Notice the multiple stretchers below the seat. All the chairs are extremely tight and sturdy. Their finish is in excellent condition. These chairs would go well with a variety of table styles and finishes.

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