Teak Linen Press Cabinet

  • Circa: 1830-1840's
  • Stock #: G90
  • Measurements: 85"h X 54"w X 27"d
  • Price: $3850.00

This early 2 piece cabinet is called a linen press. They were originally designed to hold clothing and fabric such as tablecloths, etc. (These were used long before clothes hangers ere invented!) The double doors have a recessed and raised panel and its original working lock with a key. Inside the top section are 2 deep slide-out shelves with sides. One or both can be easily removed if desired. There are also 2 deep, hand dovetailed drawers having their original brass campaign style pulls and working locks. The base cabinet repeats the paneled door design with deep slide-out shelves. The linen press rests on tall ball feet. This cabinet is extremely well made. The blackened finish is original and has a rich patina.

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