Pennsylvania Step-back/Dutch Cupboard

  • Circa: 1830's
  • Stock #: ZZ011
  • Measurements: 86"h X 60"w X 20.5"d
  • Price: $1750.00

This early Pennsylvania pine Dutch cupboard is comprised of 2 pieces. Notice the wide cornice at the top and the pair of glass doors, each having 6 individual lights or panes of glass. Each door has a brass knob and latch. Inside are two shelves with plate grooves and cut outs for storing your spoons/ forks. The previous owner attached lighting in the inside which is on a rheostat and can be adjusted to preferred level of brightness. This can be easily removed if preferred. The cabinet can serve a variety of purposes such as displaying a collection, as kitchen storage, or as a bookcase. Notice the opening between the top and base. This is traditionally called a pie shelf. The base has 2 hand dovetailed drawers over 2 recessed paneled doors. The drawers have wooden pulls and the doors have their brass knob with working latch. Inside is a simple shelf. The finish is in good condition displaying its age in a respectable manner having a warm color and patina. What a handsome, yet practical piece of true early Pennsylvania handmade furniture.

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