Oval, Round Solid Mahogany Dining Table with 2 Skirted Leaves Featured

  • Circa: 1900
  • Stock #: ZZ116
  • Measurements: 30.5"h X 54"w X 54"-88"d
  • Price: $975.00

This round, solid mahogany dining table has 2 original leaves, each measuring 16.5” wide. When both leaves are in place, the table measures 7 feet, 4 inches and can accommodate 8 – 10 people. Notice how the leaves are skirted, same as the table. This allows you to place one or both leaves and create an oval shaped table. Most table leaves are not skirted, so this is a real plus! The bulbous shaped reeded pedestal rests on 4 saber shaped legs. Notice the heavy solid cast brass paw feet on each leg. The table has its wooden and metal casters. The table opens and closes smoothly and is extremely sturdy. The finish is in very good to excellent condition having only some minor rubs on its top. The finish has a deep, rich color and patina. It’s elegant, yet simple styling would easily accommodate a variety of chair styles including contemporary.

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