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Needlepoint Armchair Featured

  • Circa: 1920's
  • Stock #: X157
  • Measurements: 48"h X 25"w X 25"d
  • Price: $795.00
  • Anniversary Sale: $556.50

This Hepplewhite style armchair has an exceptional needlepoint covering. The solid mahogany frame has curved arms with delicate carvings. The chair rests on tall slender tapered and reeded legs. There are 2 hand worked needlepoint images. The back displays a banquet scene of lords and ladies around a dining table being entertained by a harpist. The seat cushion displays an exterior scene of a couple within a forest with horses and riders in the background. The faces and hair on all the people are executed in petit point which provides great detail. Their clothing reflects a Renaissance style and time period complete with a castle in the background. The colors are still rich and vibrant. The needlepoint is in excellent condition. The chair frame and springs are tight and the finish is also in excellent condition. The chair is extremely comfortable as well!

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