Rococo Revival Victorian Fireplace Screen

  • Circa: 1850's
  • Stock #: Y174
  • Measurements: 49"h X 18"w X 18"d
  • Price: $385.00

This early amazing pole fire or face screen is all original. It is extremely rare to find hand painted Rococo Revival Victorian furniture in such condition, especially since the shield part is made of papier mache’ which was extremely popular in the 1840-1850’s. Papier mache’ during that time period was extremely different than what we refer to today. Early Victorians compressed rags and glue and baked the forms which resulted in a light weight, affordable product that could be easily sawn and cut. They were always elaborately hand painted and usually had an ebonized background. The shield measures 19” wide by 25” tall and adjusts up and down the wooden pole securing with a wooden thumb screw. Notice the floral decorative painting of roses, buds and leaves framed with gold scrolling. Even the pole has gold décor. These face screens were designed to shield those who sat next to a fire from too much heat. It also was used to provide a decorative element during the summer months when the fireplace was not in use. The screen rests on a tripod base which retains its gold décor as well. The screen is in excellent condition and is extremely sturdy.

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