Mahogany Morris Chair with Gryphons, Griffons

  • Circa: 1880
  • Stock #: Z303
  • Measurements: 40"h X 28"w X 32"d
  • Price: $595.00

This highly carved chair is actually an early recliner and is referred to as a Morris chair. The tall back adjusts to 4 different reclining positions by moving a brass rod. We love Morris chairs due to their comfort, practicality, sturdiness and ability to take a lot of use. The wide arms are supported by carved creatures called winged griffons. Notice the exquisite wings. Each arm is further supported by 4 spiral carved spindles. The chair rests on boldly carved paw feet resting on casters. The finish is in excellent condition land the frame is sturdy and tight. The cushions and fabric are also in excellent condition having a scrolling leaf pattern in soft shades of gold, brown and rust. What a handsome chair for your home or office.

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