Oak Hunzinger Reclining Chair with Writing Surfaces

  • Circa: 1890's
  • Stock #: M367
  • Measurements: 44"h X 25"w X 31"d
  • Price: $345.00
  • Anniversary Sale: $293.00

This unusual early quarter sawn oak recliner chair was made by the prestigious firm Hunzinger of NYC, NY. Reclining chairs of this Victorian period are often called Morris chairs. The chair retains its original Hunzinger metal label. The chair has a rod in the back which can be moved in 4 different positions allowing the chair to adjust from slightly reclined to fully reclined. A rare feature is the collapsible tables attached to each chair arm. There is a heavy duty adjustable metal brace that snaps in place and supports the table surfaces when in use. Imagine resting your drink, paperwork or notebook on the table – how clever and convenient! The chair appears to have its original finish which is in excellent condition. The fabric will need to be replaced but would be an easy job for any upholsterer. The seat has a spring base and is extremely comfortable. Notice the tall back which is another great feature for those of us who need the height. The chair rests on its original casters. The oak frame is tight and in excellent condition. This chair is designed to take a lot of use and abuse.

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