Oak Reclining Morris Chair, Arts & Crafts

  • Circa: 1910
  • Stock #: ZZ037
  • Measurements: 40"h X 34"w X 30"d
  • Price: $395.00

This solid oak recliner is in the Arts & Crafts or Mission style. These early recliners are often referred to as Morris chairs. There is a brass rod located on the back of the chair which you can secure in place in 4 different reclining positions. It’s a clever, yet simple design that works extremely well. We love Morris chairs due to their uniqueness, comfort and practicality. Obviously, this chair will require upholstered back and seat cushions. There is another very unique feature. The wide arms are actually hinged storage compartments which have lift lids for access. Notice the bent side supports under the lids and the unique carved design on the front upright supports. Another indication of quality is the use of quarter sawn oak throughout its construction giving its tiger stripe appearance. This chair is extremely sturdy and is designed not only for comfort, but for heavy use and abuse!

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