Empire, Classical Sofa, Couch with Cornucopias

  • Circa: 1910
  • Stock #: ZZ143
  • Measurements: 34"h X 78"w X 29"d
  • Price: $975.00

This mahogany classical or Empire style sofa has some exceptional detailing. The reeded back crest has carved acanthus leaves. The curvaceous arms have deeply carved supports depicting cornucopias filled with fruits such as pomegranates, melons, etc. The sofa rests on boldly carved paw feet accented with acanthus leaves and wings. Notice the exceptional upholstery work using a regal purple tone on tone accented with pale peach fabric and piping. The sofa has 2 separate bolsters, a long cushion and 4 additional accent pillows. The fabric is in excellent condition. The sofa frame and springs are tight and in excellent condition. The mahogany finish appears original and is also in excellent condition. What a statement this will make!

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