Saint Patrick Victorian Beaded Needlepoint Fire Screen with Harp

  • Circa: 1870's
  • Stock #: S328
  • Measurements: 45"h X 31"w X 15"d
  • Price: $1450.00

What a fabulous walnut Victorian fire screen.  The beaded, needlepoint image is of exceptional quality.  Fire screens were an integral part of Victorian furnishings.  They were designed to direct the fire's heat towards or away from those seated nearby.  The inner frame, which houses the needlework, is designed to pivot and turn when needed.  The outside frame has delicate turnings, pierced carved crest and boldly carved legs.  The screen image sets with its original glass and wooden backing.  If you look closely, there appears to have been originally a band of fabric, most likely velvet, along the outside parameter of the image.  Most likely it became stained or greatly deteriorated and was removed.  This does not distract from the piece, and if bothersome, could be easily reapplied.  The image is of a male figure with flowing robes and a long beard playing a harp. We believe he is Saint Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland.  The needlework is expertly executed using needlepoint and petit point.  The harp and clothing are all done with glass and metal beadwork.  The detail in the hands and face are done in petit point using colored threads.  The image is in excellent condition.  The walnut frame is also in excellent condition, having no breaks or repairs.  The finish appears original and also in excellent condition.

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