Marble Fireplace Mantle, Deco Influenced

  • Circa: 1900
  • Stock #: W8
  • Measurements: 47.25"h X 58.25"w X 19.5"d
  • Price: $2850.00

This incredible, all marble fireplace mantle has a very unusual black and white inlaid pattern. Its ‘cool’ design would complement a myriad of styles, such as Deco, Moderne, Victorian and even Federal. The mantel comes apart in 5 main pieces for ease in moving. The previous owner purchased it in Virginia and it had it crated and shipped to his home but never installed or uncrated it. We have kept the crates to facilitate safely moving it to its next owner. The mantle measures 47.25”h X 58.25”w X 19.5”d. The firebox opening measures 32”h X 28”w X 16.5”d. The black and white checks are inlaid on the sides, corners and along the mantle shelf. Check out the unique curved hooded design above the firebox opening – wow! This also comes with its original marble hearth, which is a rarity. The hearth is the piece that lays on the floor of the firebox. The mantle does have some chips, losses, and an old repaired crack which are generally minor. The hearth has a break and is presently in 2 pieces. The break is located to the left side of the firebox opening in an area not seen from the front. Whoever installs the fireplace will have the ability to secure the 2 pieces of the hearth. A professional mason may also have the ability to restore or repair the minor damages, if you find it necessary. We don’t find the blemishes distracting and are quite thrilled to find it to be in such great condition. What a statement this can make in any home!

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