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Small Cast Iron Safe

  • Circa: 1880's
  • Stock #: Y78
  • Measurements: 28"h X 17.5"w X 18.5"d
  • Price: $685.00
  • Anniversary Sale: $479.50

This small size cast iron safe is a real cutie. The safe retains most of its original painted exterior surface which has red and gold pin striping. Notice the original owner’s name, M. G. Schwinger, was hand painted above the door. The manufacturer, Miller Safe Company, Baltimore, Md. Is also painted on the door. Check out the massive iron hinges and wheels. The safe has a nickel plated dial and turn handle. Amazingly, we have the combination for the safe. The lock is in excellent condition. Behind the heavy iron door is a second metal door with a lock. Luckily that door is unlocked because we do not have it’s key. Inside are 3 various sized cubbies, a wooden drawer and a small metal door with lock. This iron safe is extremely heavy and designed to safely store your valuables. What a unique end table or night stand this would make!

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