Cast Iron Child's Cook Stove

  • Circa: 1960's
  • Stock #: Y98
  • Measurements: 26.5"h X 17"w X 9.5"d
  • Price: $295.00

This Victorian looking ornate child’s cast iron cook stove is a remake from the 1960’s. The stove retains all of its moveable parts. It’s so detailed and complete you could actually cook on it if you wanted! The stove comes with the following: its removable chimney; pierced cast warming shelf; 6 removable stove lids; a nickel lid lifter; removable hot water tank lid to the right of the lids; a ash can clean out door below the hot water tank on the right side; its fancy cast main oven door; both its small coal or wood door with grate and another ash can door to the left of the main oven door; and finally, the draft door on the left side of the stove. Amazing detail, huh? The stove rests on tall decorative legs and measures 13.25” tall from the floor to the cooking surface. The stove is in excellent condition.

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