Victorian Silver Plate Pitcher

  • Circa: 1870's
  • Stock #: Y172
  • Measurements: 17"h X 7.5"w X 14"d
  • Price: $235.00

This Victorian silver plate pitcher was originally intended to serve ice water. These were extremely popular in the 1860-1880’s and were served on the sideboard of dining rooms. This 3 piece set is comprised of a stand, pitcher and its original drinking cup. The pitcher has a porcelain liner and is designed to rest in its stand and to tilt for pouring into the cup. The pitcher has some very unique decorative features. There are 2 cast cherubs or putties. One is the handle and the second is seated on the spout. In addition there is a beautifully chased design of a tiger running among leaves and flowers on 2 sides of the pitcher. There is a letter “G” monogrammed on the front of the pitcher with the dates 1852 on the left and 1877 on the right. It appears to have been a commemoration for a 25 year celebration. The frame has a shell shaped base and a bold wash reservoir or well. Notice the unique stippled affect in the silver plating, which is original, on all three pieces. The set was made by Rogers Smith and Co., New Haven, Connecticut. Under the pitcher lid is the patent date March 26, 1872. The matching cup repeats the chased tiger design on one side. The set is in excellent condition with all of the plating intact.

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