Silver Plate Breakfast or Food Warmer

  • Circa: 1910
  • Stock #: Y184
  • Measurements: 9"h X 12.5"w X 9"d
  • Price: $235.00

This wonderful silver plated English dish is referred to as a breakfast server or food warmer. They were extremely popular in England through the 1930’s and were used to keep foods warm, especially breakfast. They are perfect for buffet serving as well. The domed lid rolls back to reveal 2 removable silver dishes. The bottom of the server would be filled with hot water and the food would be placed on either the solid or perforated tray. The lid would be closed to keep in the heat and opened for serving. The food warmer is marked “Plated on Nickel Silver” and made in “England for Shaw & Brown”. The silver plating is in excellent condition on the outside. There is a monogram of the letters D.G. The lower tray has some silvering loss but is not visible when the perforated tray is in place. The warmer has deco inspired legs and paw feet. The lid can be easily and completely removed for cleaning by unscrewing the knobs on the ends.

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