Small Iron Safe by Meilinks

  • Circa: 1890's
  • Stock #: Z115
  • Measurements: 19.5"h X 13.5"w X 15"d
  • Price: $585.00

This small sized iron safe retains its original decorative painted black and burgundy surface. Notice the gold pin stripping and painted floral designs on the top and sides. The door reads Meilink’s Home Deposit Vault, Guaranteed Fire and Water Proof. The combination dial and knob are nickel plated over iron. Yes, we have the combination and it is in excellent working condition. There is some decorative paint loss on one side. The safe rests on its original iron wheels which roll smoothly. The inside of the door is decoratively painted as well. The altered interior has 3 shelves inside. This safe is a real cutie and would make a clever end table, not to mention a handy place to store your valuables.

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