Architectural Model, Doll House Featured

  • Circa: 1900
  • Stock #: Z194
  • Measurements: 36"h X 25"w X 23"d
  • Price: $395.00

This large, handmade doll house or architectural model has wonderful detailing. Architectural models were built by the builder for their customers to envision the final product. The tall, pitched roof has wooden shingles with 2 chimneys. The roof lifts up and off to reveal the wooden interior. Notice the pair of double porches with 4 columns on the front; the paneled front door and the transom window above it; the tall paper and glass multi pane windows; and the 2 back doors which open and close. The house retains its original cream and green painted surface. The railing is missing around the top front porch. There are some scattered small areas of trim loss throughout but nothing extensive. What a cool piece of childhood Americana.

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