Onyx Cameo with Soldier & Women Featured

  • Circa: 1920's
  • Stock #: Z187
  • Measurements: 1.5"h X 2.25"w X .25"d
  • Price: $185.00

This lovely Sardonyx shell or onyx cameo pin or brooch is framed in 10k gold. Its unusual shape depicts a scene of 7 individuals of which 5 appear to be maidens and 2 are soldiers. Two of the figures are barely visible in the background. Look closely and you will see a sea serpent’s head and a tail plus the face of a lion. The carvings are highly detailed and exquisite. The harder to find Sardonyx shell allows the pure white layer to be dramatically contrasted against its chocolate brown interior. The cameo has a convex shape visible on the front which highlights the seemingly ocean waves and sea creatures. The pin has a safety catch and locks securely. The cameo is in excellent condition.

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