Victorian Lava Cameo

  • Circa: 1840's
  • Stock #: Z175
  • Measurements: 1 7/8"h X 1 5/8"w X 1/2"d
  • Price: $165.00

This early Victorian lava cameo has a very high relief and is beautifully detailed. Lava jewelry was extremely popular in the Victorian times due to the fascination of Mt. Vesuvius and the discovery of Pompeii. Lava is a soft material and was easy to carve in such fine detail. It was also susceptible to damage. If you use a jeweler’s loop, you will notice the expert repair of the maiden’s nose. The rest of her features are flawless. The portrait rests in a 10k gold frame having applied shaped leaves. The pin has a locking clasp and is in excellent condition.

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