Silver Plate Victorian Water Pitcher by Meriden

  • Circa: 1870's
  • Stock #: Z206
  • Measurements: 22.5"h X 12.5"w X 11"d
  • Price: $275.00

This wonderful Victorian silver plated water pitcher was made by the prestigious Meriden Silver Plate Company of Connecticut. Pitchers of this quality and style were extremely popular in the Victorian era and often were given as wedding gifts. This set is comprised of 4 separate pieces. The pitcher rests in a frame which enables it to stand and tilt when pouring. Notice the 2 matching loving cups which is a rarer find. The pitcher is porcelain lined and was designed to hold cool, fresh water for guests. Notice the beautiful and intricately detailed, etched and chase worked floral pattern throughout! The sides of the frame depict a scene of a child writing on a tablet and another scene of a sea serpent swimming among coral. The silver plating is in amazing condition still retaining a bright finish. What a treat to find a piece of Victorian silver plate of such quality and condition!

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