Victorian Silver Plate Bride's Basket

  • Circa: 1870's
  • Stock #: Z204
  • Measurements: 13"h X 11"w X 11"d
  • Price: $495.00

This wonderful Victorian silver plated brides basket was made by the highly regarded Meriden Manufacturing Co of Conn. The blue cased satin glass bowl has a beautifully hand painted enameled stork, butterfly and sprig of delicate flowers on the inside. Notice its deeply ruffled edge and unique shape. The bowl has a ground pontil and the numbers B402 on the bottom. It is in excellent condition. The quadruple plated silver frame is extravagant having a twisted design in the large arm and ornate designs on the handle. The frame rests on delicately cast feet. The detail and design is exquisite. The silvering on the frame is in excellent condition retaining its bright finish.

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