Victorian Flat Weave, Ingrain Carpet

  • Circa: 1860's
  • Stock #: Z192
  • Measurements: 10"d X 8'w
  • Price: $785.00

This rare Victorian era carpet is a real find! This wool rug was woven on a loom and is referred to as a flat weave. Such rugs have a pattern on both sides which makes it reversible. What’s amazing about this rug is that it has survived and is in remarkable condition. The rug is in shades of red, burgundy, dark and light green and black. The stylized roses are large and graphic. The colors are still strong and vibrant. Even the fringe is in good condition with only minor wear or loss. The advantage of a flat weave carpet is its great durability; can be easily folded and moved and is reversible. What a statement this will make in any room!

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