Child's Pony Carriage

  • Circa: 1900-1920
  • Stock #: Z273
  • Measurements: 37"h X 27"w X 50"d
  • Price: $1250.00

This incredible child’s antique carriage is actually functioning. Its size appears to accommodate a small pony, large dog, and goat or miniature horse. The style is referred to as a Victoria carriage due to the seat in the back with a collapsible hooded cover on the end and a driver’s seat in the front. The carriage is extremely well built having an all cast iron under carriage and springs. The 4 wooden hubs and spokes have rubber tires which are in very good condition. The carriage has a collapsible hood which covers the button tufted seat and back. On either side of the removable driver’s seat are coach lanterns made of brass and glass. Notice the metal stepping platform between the wheels. The carriage measures 50” long from the front of the iron frame to the outside of the back wheels. The wooden shafts measure 22” long. The entire length of the carriage including the shafts is 72”. The floor beneath the driver and the passenger is covered in a vinyl made to look like wood flooring. Underneath the vinyl is wood which appears sound and intact. The carriage has a black painted finish with red pin striping. The frame has some scuffs and minor paint loss but is overall in excellent condition. The frame is extremely sturdy and stout. The carriage appears to have had some restoration or replacement to some of the upholstery. The collapsible hood appears to have been expertly replaced with heavy duty leather looking vinyl along with the driver’s seat. The rest of the carriage appears to retain its leather coverings. What a cool item for the prince or princess in your life!

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